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My name is Gabrielle Allen, and this Tumblr page is for the product of my senior project. I will be giving my views on the health care system and it's progression as well as giving updates as to what is going on in the health care world. I will also be posting videos from interviews I have done with many different on their health care and if they are/are not happy with it. If you have any comments or questions about my blog or if you'd like to chime in you can email me at Thanks(:

Socialist Health Care System in the US: Good or Bad?

The past ten years the United States has been climbing the ranks of countries with the best health care system in the world. The latest polling said that the United States was number 37, behind what seems to be mostly countries with socialist health care systems (Murray).
France, who was ranked number one, has a socialist system. The French were praised in the movie Sickoas having one of the best health care systems in the world, even though their taxes were extremely high. France has around 65 million citizens, and every single one is born with full health care coverage (Nation Master-French Health Statistics). The government will pay people to go to the homes of new mothers at least twice a week (Sicko). These domestic assistantswill and clean, do laundry, cook, and whatever else the mother asks the domestic assistants to do. (Sicko) The French go to college, expense-free, and do not have to pay any medical expenses. (Sicko)
Even the United Kingdom, who was ranked number eighteen, has a socialist system (Murray).Their doctors are government paid, and have annual earnings of around £85,000, not including their pension (Sicko). In summation, doctors in the United Kingdom earn around £100,000 a year (Sicko). They also get bonuses based on the health of their patients. If their patients have low-blood pressure, or don’t smoke they get bonuses from the government (Sicko). These countries who are what many see to be, equal to the United States are doing far better than we are; why? Well, their people are living longer than Americans are, and they do not have the burden of paying a $200,000 hospital bill every time they get sick.
            Not only are countries equal within the ranks of having constitutional demcrocacy’s, to the United States, ranked higher than we are in health care but countries who are third-world, and some who are seen as poor are doing better than we are because they have a socialist system as their basis.
Norway, who currently has a GDP, of -.6 has a life expectancy of 93 years, which is far superior to the United States at the moment (The world Bank) The US has a GDP of 2.1 but, a life expectancy of only 78 years (The World Bank). Norway has one of the oldest socialist health care systems in the world. Their unemployment is even far lower than the US with Norway ranking in with 3.2 percent unemployment in 2009 dropping from 4.4 in 2004 (The World Bank). The US has an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent in 2009 increasing from 5.5 percent in 2004 (The World Bank). Norway isn’t the only country doing better than the United States. Cuba is considered a third-world country, which means that they are poor, and seen as impoverished compared to many other countries (The World Bank). Cuba has a life expectancy of 79 years, and a current growing GDP of 7.2.

Although, the United States is seen as superior to the likes of Cuba, and Norway we are further behind both when it comes to health care. The thought of having a socialist health care system scares many American’s but, in the long run it can be of a great help to our citizen’s. Less people would be dying because they can’t afford to pay for their medicines, or be in debt because their hospital bills cost them their home, and all of their savings. The United States is a great country, but we have a lot of room for improvement. It seems to me that although it seems that a socialist health care system is a bad idea because it raises taxes, it also raises our life expectancy. How can you put a price on someone’s life?

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Sooo correct me if I mangle this but: You pay for insurance in case something happens right? But if nothing happens you never get that money back, instead the insurance company uses it to pay for other people’s accident/medical bills, but it is also still there for you if something does happen,…

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Interview with Dr. Rucknagel (Medical Geneticist and Health Care Advocate)

Me:-why did you go into medicine?
Dr. Rucknagel:By the time I got to high school I was headed for medicine for two reasons, as I look back. First, my family idolized our family doctor and second, when I was a child my mother became very ill for a while.
Me:-what are you most proud of in your whole career?
Dr. Rucknagel:In 1995 I discovered that sickle cells clog the flow of blood through ribs, causing subsequent pulmonary complications. We also demonstrated that 85% of the pulmonary complications can be prevented with use of an incentive spirometer. That will probably result in extending the lifespan of sickle cell anemia patients.
Me:-how did you get involved in health care reform? Why did you get involved in health care reform?
Dr. Rucknagel:For 20 years I have been a member of Physicians For a National Health Program ( because every other industrial nation provides health care as a human right. It is ridiculous that the riches nation on the planet cannot do likewise. The American people have been brain washed by the insurance industry for over a century. When I retired, about 7 years ago, I received an invitation to attend a meeting of the Single Payer Action Network who have been working for 9 or 10 years on obtaining a publicly funded medical care system in Ohio. They have a governing council of 54 people that I have been on since, and this year I was elected to their Executive Committee.
Me:Thoughts on the movie,
Dr. Rucknagel:Right on the money!
Me:Health Care
-describe the single payer legislation for ohio that your group has written. How would it work?
Dr. Rucknagel:I will attach the legal summary of the Health Care For All Ohioans Act, now before the Legislature as S.B. 112 and H.B. 287. We need a national program but our system is such that we will not have a national program until we have it in a state of two.
Me:-why is it better than the system we have now?
Dr. Rucknagel:About 6 years ago the Institute of Medicine, the medical arm of the National Academy of Sciences, issued a report saying that the system of medical care is unsustainable in the 21st Century. The reason is the un- and under-insured and cost shifting outlined in my Power Point presentation.
Me:-what do you think about the Obama health care bill?
Dr. Rucknagel:It’s not Obama’s. It was written by insurance company lobbyists. Many of the laws in this country have been written by them. (I wish I knew why our country is so corrupt). The Congress then tinkers with them. There are some good features, such as allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26. Also, recision—refusing to pay for expensive illnesses, such as cancer—is said to be proscribed. I have read that the insurance companies are trying to find a way around that. But the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act leaves the insurance companies in charge, so it will be extremely expensive and is likewise unsustainable.
Me:-what countries do you think has the best/worst health care system?
Dr. Rucknagel:I believe that France, Germany and Sweden probably have the best. The Brits have socialized medicine, which means that the government owns the hospitals and all of the staffs are on salary—like the U.S. Veteran’s Administration
Me:-do you have any other advice or information you would like to share?
Dr. Rucknagel:Only that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I hope that you will become a publicly funded health care advocate.
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Rock-a-bye baby up in the tree
Please don’t fall down, cause healthcare’s not free
That’s not a problem for those with wealth
But regular folks better stay in good health

Oh little baby please don’t you cry
The system’s broke, but we can get by
There’s the ER, and maybe someday
We’ll hit the lotto or get a big raise

Or Maybe Congress will unite and forge
An override of the veto by George
And expand S-Chip for a few more
Innocent children of the working poor

If they don’t baby, please understand
Corporate money will have won again
Insurance companies can’t profit you see
From Health Care provided
Health Care delivered
Health Care that’s given
To Children for free

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